one small spider

A spider carfully steps across its web covered in dew, strung in between some leaves over a brook going into a water fall. it is so small dangling over a beautiful river. crystal blue water rushing past not stopping to notice small gleaming coins in between rocks. at the brim of the water fall. large boulders to sit on to view the tall red wood trees tipping procariosly towerds the sun that filters through the leaves on to one speacial and magical spot. an earthy smell rises from wet rocks drying in the sun. hidden treasures covered in mud never to b found, mist from the morning dripping off of any plant that might of been in the space. a tiny drop hits the surface of the water golden from the sun and break over the water fall and falls into a quit pool. huge rocks and a beautiful sun, tall redwoods so big and dangling in the leaves over a roaring water fall and boulders, over forever lost treasures, and old, dead yet colorful leaves. small dangling spider weaves his web as the sunsets in his small glistening web and small delicat body a small spider, one small spider, his beautiful, his treasure, his big world.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Class Rep., Cindarella auditions, Car pooling,

the real reason it was a terrible day was because i started off by carpooling and being terrorized by 2 fluffy white dogs and listening to the terrible suspense of shooting Michael Jackson zombies with plants (don't ask)
then i listened to 80's disco on the way to school. and when i got there i kept my head down and got shoved by 8th graders and asked who kyle was until i got to room 24 where i did a lot of annoying ghastly things that you would not to listen to.  THEN i tried for class rep. but did not win, go yelled at and had to run a lap because i did not pass a test. then i had an audition where i got a herald which is a very small part. so i had a REALLY BAD DAY.

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